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Four Loves Productions Inc. began when I was in the middle of caring for my husband and found that “perfect” solutions weren’t readily available.

I was very fortunate in that I was able to gather a terrific support team of family, friends, and those from the medical and spiritual profession around me and my husband.  I am a control freak. I needed to be on top of our situation. I needed to know how things work, why they work the way they do, and painstakingly I had this need to take and make notes. After all I was now running a mini-hospital at home. 

Yet despite my “organizational” habits, I felt overwhelmed. How many of us are ever prepared to deal with a situation in which a loved one falls gravely ill, or must deal with a loved one or a friend who is suddenly seriously injured in an accident, a sudden death, or even an unexpected mental incapacity? How many of us know the answers to questions that crop up? Or even know which questions to ask?

One of my daughters-in-law, Carrie, in observing the situation, asked how many people would be as organized as I was with the information I had at hand. So the seed was planted.  She and I decided to create a system, The Essential Organizer, to help people with a resource guide designed for whatever situation they’d find themselves in – be it the gathering of information of and for themselves, or for someone they love dearly, or for someone they have the enormous responsibility of caring for.

From my experience of looking after my husband also came the learning of what Carrie had been going through from a very young age. She found herself suddenly in a caregiving position at the age of 20 for her mother who was only 52 years young at the time. Fourteen year later, Carrie, a mother of three very young and spirited boys, is still caring for her mother. 

Our combined experiences give us a wealth of information that we now share with family, friends and anyone through The Essential Organizer and through various avenues.

"Knowledge is power." ~ Sir Francis Bacon